Rijeka, a city of innovations and dynamic university life, a city with the Mediterranean spirit, where influences of modern West and central Europe have always intertwined. No one is a foreigner here, since all who arrive in Rijeka are devoured by the rhythm of cosmopolitan mentality of Rijeka citizens. They are all welcome to the streets of Rijeka, to its beaches, cafe bars and small restaurants. Rijeka lives in an easygoing manner, and yet dynamic enough so that the business sector, small and medium–sized companies basing their activities on innovations, production and trade can adequately develop here. A lively cultural scene, led by a very active national theatre, where in addition to museum, art-cinema and other cultural institutions’ programmes, an independent cultural scene also enjoys a special status.

Its identity is a mosaic that gathers the once propulsive punk and rock scene, the International Carnival, as the most prominent city manifestation, a cosy life in a well organised and practical environment and pride in its leading position in promoting transparency in the operation of its public services. Rijeka (meaning river) has a lot to boast about, yet most often it flows calmly and sets the trends, that later on are followed by others, starting from the manner its university develops, through new technology and active communication between public services and citizens, up to new ideological themes and free spirit that often starts its expansion from here towards other Croatian regions. The first Word Camp Croatia could hardly have chosen a better place for its start, both symbolically and at the quite practical organisational level.


It all began almost a decade ago with sheer enthusiasm and pure love. Digital agency Neuralab founded Croatia’s first internet television – Transmeet.Tv. What happened next is over 500 self produced videos, countless adventures and media experiments. Today Transmeet.Tv is a digital culture platform with a goal to educate, proclaim and connect artist, designers and musicians from the region. We believe in video as the strongest way of presenting content. And we have been since 2008!


Whether you own a start-up or manage big-corp online fronts, you need an award winning team of developers, designers and content makers. A team that will take care of the complicated tasks of building a superb digital product. That’s where we kick in as we spent dozen of years trying out every possible web technology, mobile platform and interactive designs with one goal… to give your project a real push into the connected world. You can relax by our side as we are full-service team of creative people, managing all aspects of online projects. Even the ones you’re not aware off.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is very fast and easy-to-use WordPress caching plugin published in 2013. Its’ powerful page caching, minification process, image and video LazyLoad, cache preloading and other features make WP Rocket terribly efficient plugin.

It has very quickly became an irreplaceable tool for caching over 35k WordPress powered websites. Our goal is to make the Web better, faster and lighter, and WP Rocket is the first tool in series of products that will help us achieve this objective.


Autotrans Group is the leading scheduled coach service operator in Croatia and the only Croatian member of Eurolines association. The Group operates a high frequency services linking 1000s of destinations across the country and offering great connections to some European counties like Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosna and Herzegovina and Serbia. With our modern and comfortable coaches we are committed to deliver a high quality service to our customers. More information about Times and Prices can be found at www.autotrans.hr.


Convertiv is a digital agency of technical marketers. We enable customer engagement through the alignment of technology and program execution for global brands.

Founded in 2009 and located in Boston’s Innovation District, we’re an assembled group of technologists first – and cross functionalized producers, writers, creatives, and data visualizers. We believe that without a sound digital infrastructure, no campaign can truly be successful.


MojaRijeka.hr is a news portal of the City of Rijeka with articles on different topics and events in city daylife. Citizens can create and share their content and follow their friends, as well as send inquiries to the City. That way they can contribute to the development of the living space in Rijeka.