Announcing first two speakers

I’m really happy that we can announce our first two speakers the same day that we opened ticket sales. WordCamp Croatia will be a great experience for all visitors and our first two topics are from both experienced and well known speakers: Marko Dugonjić and Tomaž Zaman. They will talk about typography for developers and why being cheap isn’t a way to go while offering your services.

Marko Dugonjić – Typography for Developers

Marko is a designer, speaker and author from Velika Gorica, Croatia and the creative force behind Creative Nights where he improves customers’ digital experiences for both local and international clients. He is an editor at Smashing Magazine and the author of the Smashing Book #4, chapter “The Next Steps for Web Typography”.  He is also the founder of Typetester, a tool that helps both designers and developers test web fonts.

After talking at our Zagreb Meetup, on WordCamp Croatia Marko will give a talk  “Typography for Developers” covering basics of web typography.

Typography for the web is now all the rage especially as we are (finally) able to use different fonts other than the tried and tested workhorses Arial, Verdana & Georgia. Therefore, solid knowledge of typography basics should really be a must for every internet professional today.

Tomaž Zaman – You are too cheap

You surely remember our first Meetup in Zagreb where Tomaž was one of the speakers? How could you forget his talk about problems on the road while building Codeable? Tomaž is the founder and CTO of Codeable – I would say #1 outsourcing company for WordPress where he’s responsible for product development and promotion.

Tomaž Zaman talks on our Zagreb Meetup
Tomaž Zaman talks on our Zagreb Meetup

In hist talk “You are too cheap”, Tomaž will talk on most common errors when pricing our services to clients. What are the mistakes we all (probably) did in the past and how to avoid them and why is this a problem for both us individuals and the whole industry.


You can already buy tickets for WordCamp Croatia. They are priced at $20 with a lot of things included in the price (conference + afterparty, t-shirt, free lunch and drinks). This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss ;).