Convertiv – our platinum sponsor

Convertiv, a Boston based company is strongly connected with the Croatian WordPress community and is a proud platinum sponsor of WordCamp Croatia. We talked with them to see how they started, what they do in WordPress and what they expect from WordCamp Croatia.

Can you tell us more about your company, how did you start out, what was your first contact with WordPress?

Convertiv started in 2009 as a combination of two small agencies, one focused on paid media and SEO, the other social media and development. Our individual strengths offset our individual weaknesses, making a great team. One of the founders, Kevin Palmer, had the earliest experience with WordPress dating back to 2005 and was a technical editor for “WordPress for Dummies” and a contributor to “WordPress All-in-One.”

Convertiv working atmosphere
Convertiv working atmosphere

You are strongly connected with Croatia with many developers and designers working remotely with your Boston office. How did that happened?

A few years back, one of our founders heard about the breathtaking coast, delicious food, amazing culture, and friendliness of the people of Croatia. After more research, he decided to have his wedding in Dalmatia. His family and friends had such an incredible time he just knew there had to be a way to stay connected to the country. A natural progression was to start making connections and partnerships that could help with the more technical projects Convertiv works on. Today that list includes WordPress builds, API integration, and custom app development. Five years later we are still going strong and the dev team has grown 4X. Team members based in Boston try to get over to Croatia at least twice a year and likewise for our Croatian team visiting the States.

While working with WordPress, how do you use it? What kind of website do you produce “the most”?

Convertiv almost exclusively advises clients to work with WordPress to help enable digital marketers to take more control of digital assets. Typical WordPress projects include intranets, corporate websites, and blogs. The number of tool integrations with WordPress, as well as the size of the community is a big advantage over other platforms. It’s great to see some of the largest organizations in the world moving to WordPress. They are finally starting to understand the true power of the platform.

convertivHow do you see the future of WordPress? It is clearly that WordPress is nowadays more than “just a blogging platform”?

Even today WordPress is more like a content platform for us, where other websites, apps and services can get content. With some recent development efforts, that aspect is growing stronger each day. WordPress scales nicely from basic websites to more complex ones, where expected behavior gets more specific and more challenging to integrate, especially with other software already servicing parts of an enterprise. The ability to interchange different parts of WP and make it play nicely with others is even more important here. WordPress is making big strides in maturing on this level and we would like to see it continue to do so.

What do you expect of WordCamp Croatia?

We hope our team, partners, and everyone attending has a great time. Any chance to get to network, exchange ideas, and be part of the WordPress and Developer community is a win for everyone. I also do expect the beer to be cold, the wine to be tasty, and everyone have a fun time at the event we’re sponsoring. Life is short and a big part of life is our work, you’ve got to enjoy it and have fun with it. Živli!!

Thank you Convertiv for being our platinum sponsor. If you wish to speak with these cool guys and girls you should drop them a line on or talk to some of the guys from Croatia that are working with them.