Get inspired by stories from our speakers at the panel “Working With WordPress”

How can we work with WordPress from our home, our country. The real question is – “can we work with WordPress and make a living out of it, work with worldwide clients and what do we need to do it?”. We will discuss this in our panel “Working With WordPress” where we will here different stories from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and with a perspective from Daniel Pataki, editor on Smashing Magazine, who lives in Hungary.

People living in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and even Slovenia often think of themselves as difficult to work with worldwide clients. Thankfully, this image that we put into our heads is changing every day and we want to change it a bit more.

Our panelists will discuss their paths of working with WordPress and what impact WordPress had on their lives.

Toni, Sibin, Faruk and Daniel – what they have in common?

Toni Trivković is the founder of, a company from Split, Croatia, focused on working with worldwide clients. Toni founded Slicejack when he was 21 years old and now has grown from a one-man show to a team that can do magic with WordPress.

Sibin Grašić is coming to Rijeka from Belgrade, Serbia and with more than 500 projects that he worked on, has enough experience to tell us about his path. Although a freelancer at heart he is working as a backend developer for MeksHQ.

Faruk Garić is a WordPress developer from Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the love toward web development was “born” while still in school. He now works with his wife in a small home business called Include Development.

Daniel Pataki is specialized in WordPress and currently working as the editor of the WordPress Section on Smashing Magazine and writer for large magazines such as WPMU DEV and Tuts+.

Why is the panel important?

Well, first of all – you will get valuable insights into paths of people from different countries. We will try to answer the questions like “how they started working with WordPress”, “what were the challenges and how they overcome them” and “how to work successfully from anywhere in the world”.

People sometimes think that it’s hard to start working online but it was never easier. These people will tell us their stories and you can all talk with them after the panel to get more feedback.

How to buy a ticket?

Tickets have a very special and popular price of $20 (around 130 kn). Most of the talks will be in english with 2 talks confirmed in Croatian language. The ticket get you the entrance on the conference day, lunch, goodies from our sponsors, WCHR t-shirt and the entrance to the afterparty with free drinks included. You definitely should buy the ticket right away 🙂 (there are only 250 tickets available).