Learn how to build forms with Formjack library and how to debugg WordPress

It’s time to announce one of the last speakers for WordCamp Croatia. In their talks we will cover how to build powerful forms in WordPress with the Formjack PHP library. This will be presented by its author, Domagoj Gojak. And there is yet another guy from Split – Ivan Blagdan, that will talk on how to debug in WordPress “when things get funky”. Funk is all the thing here in Croatia. 🙂

Domagoj Gojak – Easy form creation and validation with Formjack

Domagoj is a 22 years old web and software developer from Split. He works as a lead developer for Slicejack. He uses WordPress on a daily basis for the past 2 years and is involved in the development of Formjack PHP library, something he will speak in his presentation “Easy form creation and validation with Formjack”.

Formjack allows you to implement a custom form into your WordPress website and Domagoj will show us how to create a rather complex data validation with just “few lines of code”.

Ivan Blagdan – Debugging in WordPress

As Domagoj, Ivan is also coming from the city of Split. He started with web development in 1999. and he works with WordPress for 10 years now. He is working as a developer for a Boston based agency where he’s focused on running a large network for an international software security company.

With years of expertise in the field, he will discuss different approaches and tools he uses in the everyday debugging of WordPress websites. His talk “Debugging with WordPress” is something you shouldn’t miss if you’re a WordPress professional.

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