Marko Heijnen and Daniel Pataki to speak at WordCamp Croatia

It is our pleasure to announce next 2 speakers, both of them well known in the WordPress community. Daniel Pataki is the editor of the WordPress section on Smashing Magazine and the author for WPMU DEV and Tuts+ (among others). Marko Heijnen is not only the co–organizer of WordCamp Belgrade but also a long time WordPress contributor and GlotPress lead developer. Daniel will talk about Advanced Custom Fields and Marko will give a talk about His complicated site.

Daniel Pataki – The awesome power of Advanced Custom Fields

Daniel is a developer specialized mostly in WordPress and, as we said earlier, editor of the WordPress section on Smashing Magazine. He also writes on magazines like WPMU DEV and Tuts+, among others.

In his talk he will cover some of the best practices in using Advanced Custom Fields that will help you build more powerful web experiences. ACF includes some great functionalities like maps, images, galleries, repeater fields – which helps us create some outstanding user experiences for our clients. Daniel will show you how to get the most out of the ACF.

ACF facilitates communication with clients and your team and its code is so simple, anyone can use it.

Daniel Pataki giving a talk at this years' WordCamp Europe
Daniel Pataki giving a talk at this years’ WordCamp Europe

Marko Heijnen – My Complicated Site

Marko is a long term WordPress contributor from the Netherlands and a co–organizer of the WordCamp Belgrade. He started contributing back in 2009. He is also the lead developer behind GlotPress – an open source tool for collaborative translating.

In his talk he will share his own experience in running a website from shared hosting to VPS, that runs on 6 servers nowadays. Marko will tell us how he managed everything from the beginnings (when it was easy to host everything) and the mistakes he made in the process.

Time to buy some tickets

We have announced 4 speakers so far. Marko Dugonjić and Tomaž Zaman will talk about typography and personal experiences. Goran Šerić and Borko Livić will talk about multilanguage functionality and WooCommerce (this talks will be in Croatian language).

It’s the best time as ever to buy tickets for WordCamp Croatia to not miss some great talks and networking opportunities. We’re waiting for you! 🙂

Cover photo by Andrey Savchenko – thank you.