WordCamp Croatia opens ticket sales

We are extremely happy to announce that ticket sales for WordCamp Croatia is now open. Ticket price is $20 for a conference day and the afterparty, which will also get you a really cool WordCamp Croatia t-shirt. Lunch and drinks are included in the ticket price so you can sit back and relax while listening to some awesome talks. And make sure to reserve some free days before the event to enjoy in the sunny Adriatic.

We have also prepared two other type of tickets for those who want to help a bit more. Both tickets will get you everything as the normal ticket does and with buying these tickets your name (or the name of your business) will be listed on our website and mentioned in the article thanking all the sponsors. And of course – there is always gratitude and a good feeling for helping the community ;).

These tickets can be bought for $100 (Freelancer) and $250 (Small Business).

Buy a ticket